Frequently asked questions

Can you detect if CleanUrin is synthetic?

In 10 Years of Business we are not aware of one single case.

Can the results indicate gender or even pregnancies?

  • No, CleanUrin is synthetically fabricated in a lab.
  • Urine can give hints on gender, but only during puberty or pregnancy.
  • Urine has a average value that basically can be assigned to all males as well as to all females.


What is the temperature of genuine urine when leaving the body?

Leaving the body, the temperature of genuine urine is between 33 and 34 degrees Celsius.

Does CleanUrin pass adulteration testing procedures?

Yes, it passes any common adulteration testing procedures

What’s pH-value?

pH-values provide measures to determine the acidic or alkaline properties of any fluid. Depending on diet and nutrition, these properties change in human urine.

What is creatinine?

Creatinin is a metabolite that needs to be secreted from the body through the urinary-tract. This value is changing, depending on diet and kidney-function. .

What about preservability and storage of opened sachets that have already been heated?

  • Unchilled, CleanUrine is savable up to three years.
  • Post opening keep your CleanUrine refridgerated and exposed to as little air as possible.
  • Before reuse do simple vision-test – If cloudy and/or flaky, fluid is corrupted.
  • As long as these criteria are met, reuse without hesitation.


Are CleanUrin sachets opened easily?

Yes, they have two vents on every edge that can be teared easily – even with sweaty palms.

Is the possesion of CleanUrin illegal?

No, it is not!

Do I need the Anti-Paranoia-Pack or do I need the ScreenyWeeny?

  • The Anti-Paranoia-Pack has been developed for preventive and mobile usage.
  • The ScreenyWeeny is handy for aftercare.


Why does the ScreenyWeeny in white/mulatte have a darker skin tone?

Because non-erect penises tend to have a darker skin tone.