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CleanUrin Beutel
CleanUrin in a sachet
CleanUrin in a sachet – Synthetic urine for use on the go! PEE FREE! “Hello, I’m your incredibly practical companion in all walks of life. I am synthetic, laboratory-produced urine, with the same characteristics as real urine from a...
Content 1 Stück
From €18.90 *
Heatpaxx - Wärmekissen zum Erwärmen & Warmhalten von CleanUrin
Heatpack – 2x heating pads
Heating pad for heating & keeping warm CleanUrin Heatpack – 2x heating pads to maintain CleanUrin at a warm temperature. With Heatpack – the disposable heating pad – cold urine is a thing of the past! Once opened, Heatpack will remain at...
Content 2 Stück
€2.50 *
Nachfüll-Pack für ScreenyWeeny / ScreenUrin-Set
Refill pack ScreenyWeeny / ScreenUrin set 80 ml
The refill pack for the ScreenyWeeny and the ScreenUrin set contains completely synthetic urine, packaged in a practical, sturdy 80 ml refill sachet that can also be reclosed. Very easy to replace, so that nothing stands in the way of...
Content 1 Stück
€34.90 *
 Temperature Strip
Temperature Strip
Temperature strip for CleanUrin bags - for the perfect CleanUrin temperature. removable and reusable perfect temperature at 35-36 ° C / 95-96,8 ° F when the temperature is reached, the color on the strip changes to blue / green
Content 1 Stück
€2.00 *
Empty sachet 80ml for ScreenyWeeny & ScreenUrin Set
Empty sachet 80ml for ScreenyWeeny & ScreenUrin...
The 80ml empty sachet for the ScreenyWeeny & ScreenUrin set is a convenient, durable and resealable bag. Super easy to exchange, so nothing can keep you off from further peegames. Facts & Advantages: • 80 ml empty bag for filling...
Content 1 Stück
€2.50 *