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CleanUrin in a sachet
Clean Urin 25 ml 100 % synthetic urine - packed to 25 ml in a practical tear-off bag - non-refrigerated shelf life 3 years “Hello, I’m your incredibly practical companion in all walks of life. I am synthetic, laboratory-produced urine,...
Content 0.025 Liter (€756.00 * / 1 Liter)
From €18.90 *
Refill pack ScreenyWeeny / ScreenUrin set 80 ml
Refill Pack Suitable for all Screeny Weeny models and the Screen Urine Set! The refill pack for the ScreenyWeeny and the ScreenUrin set contains completely synthetic urine, packaged in a practical, sturdy 80 ml refill sachet that can...
Content 0.08 Liter (€436.25 * / 1 Liter)
€34.90 *
Empty sachet 80ml for ScreenyWeeny & ScreenUrin...
The 80ml empty sachet for the ScreenyWeeny & ScreenUrin set is a convenient, durable and resealable bag. Super easy to exchange, so nothing can keep you off from further peegames. Facts & Advantages: • 80 ml empty bag for filling...
Content 1 piece
€3.50 *
 Temperature Strip
Temperature Strip
Temperature strip for CleanUrin bags - for the perfect CleanUrin temperature. removable and reusable perfect temperature at 35-36 ° C / 95-96,8 ° F when the temperature is reached, the color on the strip changes to blue / green
Content 1 piece
€2.00 *
Heatpack – 2x heating pads
Heatpack – 2x heating pads Heating pad for heating & keeping warm CleanUrin Heatpack – 2x heating pads to maintain CleanUrin at a warm temperature. With Heatpack – the disposable heating pad – cold urine is a thing of the past! Once...
Content 2 piece (€1.25 * / 1 piece)
€2.50 *